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Consulting services


Our company provides advice on all kinds of issues of accounting, tax and civil law, and other audit-related services.

Tax audit. This service verifies the correctness of the tax base, completeness and timeliness of payment of taxes. By results of check the customer is provided with a Report of the inspection with the description of violations and recommendations to solve them.
Tax audit allows the customer to get the full information about the compliance of tax accounting requirements in the organization according to the tax legislation, to identify weaknesses in a timely manner to make the necessary corrections in the tax declarations to be prepared for resolve of problem issues in their favor, and avoid the use of tax penalties during the tax control.
A review of the financial (accounting) is not an audit. During this service the audit company uses the methods and techniques of auditing and checks individually some sections of accounts by the request of a customer.
According to the results of a review there will be given a Report with the description of violations and recommendations how to solve them, and a Report with the results of a review.
Please pay attention to this service if you doubt the correctness of the accounting for a specific section (account) of accounting or require independent verification of correctness of data on individual sections (accounts) of accounting.
Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the rules of International Financial Reporting Standards on the basis of accounting data and prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation or the transformation of financial statements prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in IFRS format. In our company we have specialists with a certificate DipIFR in IFRS.
Development of business plans for considering new activities, as well as to attract investors and bank loans, preparation of feasibility studies.
Analysis of financial and economic activities of a customer. Our experts have experience in cooperation with arbitration managers and analysis of financial and economic activities of the enterprises with respect to which performed bankruptcy procedure.
Preparation of the Regulation on the accounting policies, job descriptions of employees of the accounting department and other organizational and administrative documents on accounting and taxation for your business.
Preparation of objections on the Act of the tax inspection.
Preparation and organization of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders (members) of your business.
Workshops on accounting and tax accounting for your company.
Organizing and participating in the inventory of material assets.
Our company is open for collaboration and is always ready to take part in the most unexpected projects of your company that require a keen eye, calculating mind and expertise of the auditor and financial professionals.