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Processing and ordering of the primary documentation in all areas of accounting. Compilation of the composite accounting registers, preparation of financial statements and tax reporting with providing it to the regulatory authorities.
Typically these services are on a systematic basis over a long period of time and allow the management of companies save significant costs of maintaining its own accounting.
Sign a contract with us for accounting services and get obvious advantages:
  • We do not have to equip the workplace;
  • We do not take sick leave;
  • We make quality work and we are responsible for it.


Bookkeeping restoration

Restoration of primary documentation, creation and updating accounting registers, inspecting and composing of the correct accounting and tax reporting.

Preparation of financial statements

Preparation of accounting and tax reporting, based on data presented by the client, with subsequent submission to regulatory authorities.
If your accountant has left you before the delivery of the reporting or if you are self-employed, the head of the company of small business with some document flow and a small staff or if you are planning to start a new business be sure to give us a call. Perhaps our proposal will be the best solution for you.

Accounting registration

Development of accounting policies for accounting and taxation specific to activity of the enterprise, development and optimization of workflow, the choice of accounting and setting goals for each area of accounting and taxation, and each working place.
If your company is just starting out and you do not know how to organize financial and tax accounting, and you don't want to learn from your own mistakes. If you have opened a branch office or a separate division in other region of Russia and do not know how to build workflow between the parent organization and its subdivision, what forms of accountability and how to submit it to regulatory authorities. If you simply want to optimize the accounting and taxation in your company, then this offer is for you.